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Sunday Chillin’ #155

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Photography: Viola Cangi Have a nice Sunday! Qtier – Drift Ambiante – Can U Röyksopp – Poor Leno (Selector Retrodisco Edit) Qtier | Ambiante | Röyksopp | Selector Retrodisco

The Day Before You Don’t Have A Clue

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[youtube EOtcEjtcnO4 570] [youtube UmoVNCsPv1k 570] Joe sent me this amazing blend of Röyksopp‘s “You Don’t Have A Clue” and a ’30s cartoon Tom and Jerry this morning. I also included The Real Tuesday Weld‘s (already featured) “The Day Before You Came”, made in similar style with Felix the Cat.

Shuffle #15

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Photography: Luis Hernandez These would probably warrant their own posts, but I’m not the one to hold back great music ;) Stranger Danger – Tantra Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (Instrumental) Carrousel – Darling, You’re So Mean To Me Stranger Danger | Röyksopp | Carrousel

Tribute #2

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Photography: Johannes Greve Muskat I didn’t post this song to creep the hell out every one of you actually, but because my friend and long time supporter of the blog, Sir Johannes Greve Muskat celebrates his birthday on this very day. Happy Birthday Joe! ;) Röyksopp – Happy Birthday

Shuffle #7

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Photography: let’s use semaphores That Com Truise (hilariously bad name, by the way) remix will grow on you if you’re not careful enough. I know there are probably a few dozens of better “Tricky Tricky” remixes out there, but this kind of stood out from all the tracks at Tracasseur’s feature, so I thought it  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin’ #29

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Photography: Elena Kalis “This Space” is Röyksopp’s TOTM for August, “New Theory” is from Washed Out’s album Life of Leisure (suggested by Kristaps). Headless Horseman was kind enough to give out “Handstands” for Sunday Chillin’ only, making it the very first exclusive here on the blog. It consists of dreamy ambient sounds, floaty vocals and  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin' #6

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Model: Elenh P. Another Sunday, another couple of nice and slow tracks.. on a related note, posting Eple shows that I’m running out of chill songs, so feel free to recommend me anything that comes to your mind through email, Twitter, or the comments section. Röyksopp – Eple DrapDap – Apro Dsp-Mzo Mx v3.0-4.2 Feist  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin' #4

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Model: Heather B. It’s that time of the week again. Emancipator – Nevergreen FC Kahuna – Hayling (Radio Edit) Röyksopp – What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Remix) Emancipator | FC Kahuna | Röyksopp | Thin White Duke