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Sunday Chillin’ #113

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Photography: RIĆOR Have a nice Sunday! Shinamo Moki – Zeal Tycho – Dive (Memoryhouse Remix) Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix) Shinamo Moki | Tycho | Memoryhouse | Sufjan Stevens | Shigeto

All Gone

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Photography: FrouFrouu I’m not exactly into this whole “soul” genre, but if it involves Shigeto then I can’t help but like it. Dennis Coffey feat. Mayer Hawthorne - All Your Goodies Are Gone (Shigeto Remix) Dennis Coffey | Mayer Hawthorne

Sunday Chillin’ #25

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Photography: Carles Rodrigo Have a nice Sunday. Library Tapes – Mörker Genom Tomrum Arms and Sleepers – Seems (If Ever) Ana Caravelle – Black Canyon (Shigeto’s As I Inhale Mix) Library Tapes | Arms and Sleepers | Ana Caravelle | Shigeto


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Shigeto, representing music somewhere between glitch and electronica, has released a free EP called “What We Held On To” via Ghostly International. Nice and chill. Shigeto – What We Held On To Shlohmo – Spoons (Shigeto Remix) Shigeto | Shlohmo | Buy P.S.: musigh is now on Hypem ;)