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1,000 Days of Music

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Photography: Martin Martinsson This is my 1,000th post here on ‘musigh’. That’s skimming 121,236 pictures, going through 43,662 songs, checking 26,936 emails and featuring 1,776 artists, spending overall about 83 days straight doing so. But it also means an amazing 56,269 hearts (of which 49,603 are not broken), 18,910 comments and 7,825 followings through various  Continue reading »

Les Femmes

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Photography: saviorjosh I have little idea about the lyrics, but it’s Yelle remixed by Siriusmo at which point I’m no longer concerned. To all my female readers: happy women’s day! Yelle – Les Femmes (Siriusmo Remix)

Sunday Chillin’ #63

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Photography: Nicole Lee Have a nice Sunday! Ludvain - Morceau J Siriusmo – Nights Off Germany Germany - Natural (feat. Donne) Ludvain | Siriusmo | Germany Germany | Donne

What You Want

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Photography: Craig Schlewitz This is something different. Not only did Siriusmo remix the original into something enjoyable, but made it undeniably bipolar, which is unique, especially within the electronic genre. While the mood swings come out of the blue, they still feel natural — as opposed to huge drops or sudden screaming that other tracks try  Continue reading »

Day 5: Photos

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Photography: Greenpin Chang Frequent visitors of the site probably already noticed that usually I post slightly unrelated photos along with every other article. To lessen the pressure, I’m now using Tumblr to share pictures that I find fascinating and/or inspiring. I have also started to shooting pictures myself, for which I will open a Flickr  Continue reading »

Rat Race

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Photograpy: Brock Davis Just found this Siriusmo remix. Perfect <3 Munk – The Rat Race (Siriusmo Remix) Munk | Buy

Atomic Fusion

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I couldn’t help but think of Faithless when I frist heard RQM‘s Atomic Fusion. Produced by Siriusmo means it can’t be bad, and it’s a quality tune indeed. The Colors Fade EP is now available for purchase at Juno. RQM – Atomic Fusion (Produced by Siriusmo)