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Unstoppable Medicine Tree

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Photography: Naveen Jamal Three delightful snippets from the world of electronic music. Enerate – Unstoppable Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) Rudi Zygadlo ft. YADi - Banana Tree (PhOtOmachine Remix) Enerate | Daughter | Sound Remedy | Rudi Zygadlo | YADi | PhOtOmachine

Let’s Go Home

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Photography: dillan4c I’ve felt a little out of touch with Sound Remedy‘s recent remixes, but this one with Carousel‘s “Let’s Go Home” is just amazing. Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

Electric Feel #4

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Photography: Jim I really should name these “Random Songs I Like” before I’ll have five numbered posts of everything. KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix) Safra – Girl I Gotta Let You Down (Club Edit) Yuhei Kubo - Good Kat Black Cat (12 Inch Plastic Toys Remix) KO KO | Sound Remedy | Safra |  Continue reading »

Sound Remedy Interview & “Home”

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With the release of his new LP, I did an interview with the LA based electronic music producer, Sound Remedy. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. How long have you been making Haunted Valor? I have been working on Haunted Valor since my last EP, Potions, came out 6 months ago.  Continue reading »

Shuffle #19

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Photography: Nan Goldin I can’t really post one track at a time when there are so many good ones around! Creep - Animals (Alpines Remix) Sound Remedy – This Is Sound Remedy Baron Von Luxxury - That Disco Beat (feat. Little Boots) Creep | Alpines | Sound Remedy | Baron Von Luxxury | Little Boots

Sound Remedy

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Photography: Misha Denisov With the constant promo mails regarding Sound Remedy I’ve almost featured him a couple of times, and now with the giveaway of a handful of new tracks from his upcoming debut it’s become inevitable. Sound Remedy – I5 Sound Remedy – Fighters (feat. Invaderz)

Crush On You

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Photography: Ruby Mercier I haven’t listened to Nero’s new album yet, but hearing this Sound Remedy remix I think it’s about time. Nero – Crush On You (Sound Remedy Remix)