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Star Slinger

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[vimeo 22645550?byline=0&portrait=0&color=80b6ea&hd=1 570 315] Still life animated — an amazing and amazingly executed concept with this Star Slinger remix of Gold Panda’s “Marriage” by Anže Sekelj and Lucijan Kranjc. The release itself is available through The Ghostly Store, additionally here’s a Pony Pony Run Run remix because I’m (it’s) super nice. Gold Panda – Marriage  Continue reading »

Shuffle #4

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Photography: Mischelle Mouth’s Cradle has a new thing out, they bring their usual electronic + rap style, great (albeit a bit short) listen. Their new mixtape is going to be out on the 23rd of November, something to keep in mind. Mouth’s Cradle – The Hype It takes a few listens to get used to  Continue reading »