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Paper Romance

The exams are finally over. Now if you would excuse me, I’ve got a dozen of beers waiting for me in a pub somewhere. Meanwhile, enjoy this mint remix of Groove Armada‘s Paper Romance by Urchins. (Props to Stoney Roads for the find.)

Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Urchins Remix)


  1. Posted 2010/01/28 at 19:02 | Permalink

    That was cool!!

    BTW, find me something dope for saturday, my birthday 😉

    It’s actually on sunday, whatevs!

    • Posted 2010/01/28 at 21:18 | Permalink

      Heh, sure thing! You’re just a month older than me by the way 😛

      • Posted 2010/01/29 at 13:02 | Permalink

        hah, cool =D

      • cakesy
        Posted 2010/02/06 at 00:32 | Permalink

        thank goodness your back in the game musigh i was deprived of music for a while.

  2. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/01/29 at 19:22 | Permalink

    Great tune 🙂
    Will you be making a new youtube account or will you post all your awesome music here?

    • Posted 2010/01/30 at 02:56 | Permalink

      Thanks, I intend to stay here by the way.

      • Posted 2010/01/30 at 20:28 | Permalink

        Do you think you could make it so that you can preview the song before you download it ?

        • Posted 2010/01/31 at 13:41 | Permalink

          You can listen to a song before downloading it by clicking the mirror link (marked by [M]).

          • Posted 2010/01/31 at 20:38 | Permalink

            Yh, Saw someone else asking that..LoL on Joe’s B-day tune, He seen it yet ?

  3. Luke oX
    Posted 2010/04/17 at 16:45 | Permalink


  4. Ross
    Posted 2010/06/21 at 17:33 | Permalink

    ….How old Is Joe ?

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