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Slagsmålsklubben (a.k.a. SMK) has released a single back in November and I didn’t even notice. Shame on me, because they absolutely rock.

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored By Destiny


  1. Posted 2010/02/15 at 12:21 | Permalink

    HAH! I love SMK! They’re swedish =)you should post the song with this video, it might be the best music video of all time!

    • Posted 2010/02/15 at 18:08 | Permalink

      The Best Music video ever is ,”I Come from the land down under” 😛 Thats a really nice tune aswell! The start sounds A LOT like l’amour toujours

  2. YWPRO
    Posted 2010/02/15 at 12:53 | Permalink

    Thanx man!

    I was searching for a year on this song !

  3. Waltho
    Posted 2010/02/15 at 13:20 | Permalink

    nice one
    i’m glad you made a site after your youtube got banned 🙂

  4. 3rrection
    Posted 2010/02/15 at 18:31 | Permalink

    sorry to say, but this one is old:P been out for atleast a year^^

    • Posted 2010/02/15 at 20:44 | Permalink

      Yeah I didn’t want to post one of the two tracks only (from the single) 😛

  5. Salam
    Posted 2010/02/15 at 19:49 | Permalink

    I’ve seen these guys live! something you do have to see!

  6. Heartbeats
    Posted 2010/02/15 at 22:27 | Permalink

    Haha wth Joe

  7. Faderklas
    Posted 2010/02/16 at 13:02 | Permalink

    Älska Slagsmålsklubben ❤


  8. Chaz
    Posted 2010/02/16 at 13:38 | Permalink

    Haha! I just muted the youtube video and played it then turned on the song.
    It Works!

  9. Bulby
    Posted 2010/02/19 at 21:27 | Permalink

    where can i download?
    and i love the song and site. very good. is there a way i can download any song? (that works for all of them?) becuase there are like 5 i want

    • RJ
      Posted 2010/02/22 at 22:19 | Permalink

      i use Frostwire, works for this song at least.

  10. RJ
    Posted 2010/02/22 at 22:19 | Permalink

    i got this song a while ago, and i thought it was goofy… but listening to it again its freaking sick!

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