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Do You Know Squarepusher?

I’m not 100% sure, but my addiction to electronic music probably started with Squarepusher. (Furthermore, “I Wish You Could Talk” was the first (and best) drum and bass track I’ve ever heard.) There are so many great songs from him I’d like to share (Do You Know Squarepusher, Tomorrow World, Planetarium, etc.), but I’ll stick with these two after all – you can listen to / buy the rest at Amazon.

Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Girl)

Squarepusher – I Wish You Could Talk


  1. Posted 2010/02/19 at 14:10 | Permalink

    drill n bass not dnb 🙂

    • Posted 2010/02/19 at 15:52 | Permalink

      I know little of subgenres, so bear with me 😛

  2. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/02/19 at 15:29 | Permalink

    Love the two of these 😀

  3. craigh
    Posted 2010/02/19 at 17:16 | Permalink

    I like to listen to come on my selector every once in a while.

  4. Posted 2010/02/19 at 21:22 | Permalink

    ya know, ya should post some more dubstep 🙂 even though it aint new

  5. manatee warrior
    Posted 2010/02/21 at 18:45 | Permalink

    Everytime you update your page with music, I get an email and get a little excited. Then I immediately rush to your page and listen!

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