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Piano + electronic music = best pairing ever. Thanks to diskJokke for reminding me of that. Also keep an eye out for his next release in April.

diskJokke – Folk I Farta

diskJokke – Flott Flyt


  1. Posted 2010/03/01 at 16:15 | Permalink

    SO SICK!

  2. Gunwerk
    Posted 2010/03/01 at 17:45 | Permalink

    Peculiar combo but it worked pretty damn well!

  3. Alex goes Ehmbooh
    Posted 2010/03/01 at 19:16 | Permalink

    Post some stuff like on “The Sexyy Swinger” or sth like that… that was so sick got my whole mates dancin…

  4. Alex goes Ehmbooh
    Posted 2010/03/01 at 19:17 | Permalink

    The Sexy Result*

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