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New Era

This cover is wrong yet awesome on so many levels that I had to post it full size. As for the music, it’s also sick in a good way, so make sure to grab the EP over at Boomkat or give the freebies a try.

Kanji Kinetic – Densetsu Riddim

Roisin Murphy – Momma’s Place (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Kanji Kinetic | Roisin Murphy


  1. Posted 2010/03/02 at 16:21 | Permalink

    hahahaa sick!

  2. Firoux
    Posted 2010/03/02 at 16:56 | Permalink

    Amazing 🙂

  3. Trigger
    Posted 2010/03/02 at 18:17 | Permalink

    Anyone know where I can download/buy Kanji Kinetic – Densetsu Riddim

  4. Xyfi
    Posted 2010/03/02 at 22:11 | Permalink

    Snoopy and woodstock have been murdered! 😐

    For the music: Nice piece of art!

  5. RJ
    Posted 2010/03/03 at 06:00 | Permalink

    yo the second one is especially sick

  6. Chance
    Posted 2010/03/04 at 12:18 | Permalink

    The artwork is awesome, and are both of the songs! nice uploads :D:D

  7. Posted 2010/03/07 at 13:57 | Permalink

    I wasn’t a fan of these 2, I’m sorry guys 😦

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