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I don’t give a f*ck

So I’ve already talked about the first electronic music I liked, the first blog I followed.. and now here’s the first mixtape I’ve listened to. I was into nu-rave that time, which is a blend of dance and hardcore electro, or something like that. While the genre is dead by now, this two years old mixtape shows how much potential it had.

Partyshank – No Sleep Mixtape

Partyshank | Tek-One | A1 Bassline

Something’s up with the player so it’s just the link for now.

And a relatively soft track from the mix:

Le Castle Vania – Trouble In Day Light (L.A. Riots Remix)

Le Castle Vania | L.A. Riots

Click “read more” to see the tracklist.

Partyshank – Penis Vs. Vagina-Shanks Killer Remix
Herve – Cheap Thrills (original mix)
Sinden + Count Of Monte Cristal – Tamborzuda
Duke Dumont – Dukes Fanfare
I Will Shank You For A Penny – Tight Little Pussy
The Cat – Dusty Kid (Crookers remix)
Partyshank – Mix Me
Le Castle Vania – Trouble In Day Light (L.A. Riots Remix)
Partyshank Vs Yo majesty vs I will Shank You For A Penny- Bootleg
Justice – Dance (Blake Miller Is Ruthless remix)
I Will Shank You For A Penny – Dancer In The Dark
Boys Noize – Erole Attack
I Will Shank You For A Penny – On And On
I Will Shank You For A Penny – Sorry For Laughing
Boys Noize – Shine Shine


  1. Josh
    Posted 2010/03/05 at 14:39 | Permalink

    Perfect mixtape for running!

    This is definitely one of the best of your posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. RJ
    Posted 2010/03/06 at 23:29 | Permalink

    partyshank wasnt working at all…

  3. RJ
    Posted 2010/03/07 at 06:46 | Permalink

    ow dude i clicked on partyshank again and it exploded my headphones. literally they blew out cause the sound was so loud. and i had the volume down as much as possible….

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