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I went out last night, I barely slept three hours, I’ve got a terrible headache and will have school all day but I’m still psyched about tonight. I’m going to see Nosaj Thing and Slugabed play, and it’s gonna be frickin’ huge.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Jogger – Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Charlotte Gainsbourg | Jogger | Nosaj Thing


  1. Phil
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 10:03 | Permalink

    every time i click on the heart it goes up one number then goes down again almost straight away?? wtf

  2. Chance
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 10:52 | Permalink

    Great stuff.

    And yeah… I have the same problem as Phil.

    • Posted 2010/03/11 at 12:50 | Permalink

      Hmm.. I’ve tried it out, works fine at home, but goes back down in school. Weird.

  3. Luke
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 11:39 | Permalink

    this makes me not so sad anymore 🙂

  4. Luke
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 11:49 | Permalink

    also you should make a Facebook page

  5. Furb
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 14:25 | Permalink

    Heart system works fine for me.
    This is good stuff, also i know this is a bit off topic but i was wondering if you could tell me what electro genre the old post of Bang (remixed) by Rye Rye is so i could look up some similar beats?

  6. lol
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 17:40 | Permalink

    are you from Hungary?

  7. Slav
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 18:11 | Permalink

    Every time I click on the heart it goes up 5 hearts.

    I approve of this system.

    • JOE!
      Posted 2010/03/11 at 20:41 | Permalink

      someone reads MLIA’s

  8. Agent Michael Scarn
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 19:29 | Permalink

    if you play both at the same time it sounds pretty cool

    • Luke
      Posted 2010/03/12 at 01:24 | Permalink

      that is quite true actually, sounds very cool

  9. Roman :D
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 22:38 | Permalink

    I love this site! best site for music! You should put som emore like rap mixes. Like the wutang one. That one was beast. hell is around the corner is soo chill.

  10. Anonymous
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 23:13 | Permalink

    damn i hope joehands0me makes a montage with the first one its epiC

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