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Honey, I Live Music

Photography: Carol

A perfect mixtape for next day, driving home on the motorway with a slight hangover.

Breakbot – Dance On Glass Mixtape

My favorite from the mix:

PNAU – Baby (Breakbot Remix)

Breakbot | PNAU

00:22 The Coach House Rhythm Section – Time Warp
01:24 Alfonzo Surrett – Gimme Your Love
02:22 Mr. Oizo – Cut Dick
02:49 ??
03:38 Midfield General – Disco Sirens (acapella)
03:45 Korja – My Mind (instrumental)
04:43 Vaughan Mason And Crew – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (instrumental)
05:00 Superfunk – Last Dance In Copacabana
05:56 Cut Copy – Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday remix)
06:27 PNAU – Baby (Breakbot remix)
07:29 Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher remix) (instrumental)
08:00 Breakbot – Stereo Provolone
08:47 The Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves remix)
09:32 Thomas Bangalter – Colossus
09:40 ZZT – Lower State of Consciousness (Justice remix)
09:56 Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night
10:25 Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
10:56 ??
11:35 ??
12:05 ?? (acapella)
12:57 Yuksek – I Like To Play
13:50 Fred Falke – Last Wave
14:33 Guns ‘N’ Bombs – Riddle Of Steel (Para One remix) (acapella)
15:05 DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye – Shake It To The Ground (acapella)
15:30 Spencer & Hill – Back In The Love (Dave Armstrong & David Rubato Remix)
16:06 ??
16:52 Revolte – Guess What
17:40 ??
19:06 ??
19:37 The Brothers Johnson – You Make Me Wanna Wiggle
20:23 SebastiAn – Momy
22:47 Chic – Everybody Dance (instrumental)
23:16 Metronomy – A Thing For Me (acapella)
23:47 Pino D’Angiò – Ma Quale Idea (instrumental)
24:18 Shazam – Luckier


  1. Umdum08
    Posted 2010/04/02 at 12:06 | Permalink

    Nice and upbeat tracks 🙂

  2. elaio
    Posted 2010/04/02 at 12:17 | Permalink

    naaah, I cant wait for Sunday, because the last 2 days sucked ass.

  3. tuv0
    Posted 2010/04/02 at 12:19 | Permalink

    I love the fave uploads 🙂 keep them coming!

  4. Lynx
    Posted 2010/04/02 at 13:09 | Permalink

    love them keep em coming 😀

  5. Josh
    Posted 2010/04/02 at 13:48 | Permalink

    Is there any way to edit posts?

    Ahhh, I love Breakbot’s funkiness.

    Shazam’s done a really good remix of We Are The People by Empire of the Sun:

    • Posted 2010/04/02 at 13:59 | Permalink

      Unfortunately no, but I delete duplicate comments so you can rephrase it and I’ll take care of the old one (like now).

      • MajicPants
        Posted 2010/04/04 at 04:33 | Permalink

        how do you download the music???
        Joe (editor on youtube that makes the best COD montages ever) says do download the song on this website… I am starting to make montages too and i wish i could use some of the songs i hear on this website. Please let me know how to download the songs…
        Thank You soo much if you help

        • Anonymous
          Posted 2010/04/04 at 04:35 | Permalink

          Right click on the track name then “save as”.

  6. Posted 2010/04/02 at 18:51 | Permalink

    Good post!
    Just try and keep these consistent. 😉
    Last couple of days have been… meh.

    • Posted 2010/04/02 at 19:10 | Permalink

      I post music that I like, not what others would like. If it’s the same then cheers, otherwise I’m sorry I’ve wasted 5 minutes of your life.

      • Posted 2010/04/03 at 17:51 | Permalink

        But I thought that was the point of establishing the heart system?
        I don’t know but I shouldn’t be complaining, I appreciate what you’re doing.
        So I’ll keep my criticism to myself. 😉

        • Posted 2010/04/03 at 18:32 | Permalink

          I listen to and like a lot of songs, the heart system helps me to decide which ones to share. Furthermore, it also makes the blog look less deserted (something I see at many other blogs, even though they’ve got hundreds of subscribers – fortunately here it isn’t the case).

          Anyway, I didn’t mean to offend you and I accept both positive and negative criticism, it’s just how I feel when people say “this sucks, post a song like the one you did x days ago”.

          • Anonymous
            Posted 2010/04/03 at 19:56 | Permalink

            No offense taken whatsoever.
            And I can relate to how the type of comment I posted makes you feel.
            I just tend to say what’s on my mind a bit to quickly.
            Hopefully you don’t hate me.
            Haha. 😀

  7. Frank
    Posted 2010/04/02 at 19:17 | Permalink

    Good stuff today

  8. Roooon
    Posted 2010/04/03 at 00:15 | Permalink

    I love PNAU – Baby (Breakbot Remix)
    It’s… you can just sit there, close your eyes and listen,….

    i fucking love your blog, I will follow you to my end, pls keep it up

    I’m not gay ur just fucking awesome,

    • Roooon
      Posted 2010/04/03 at 02:13 | Permalink

      sry I’m from Austria, my english sucks… maybe ^^

      • Posted 2010/04/03 at 18:35 | Permalink

        Nah it’s all right, I’m glad you like the blog 🙂

  9. Minibus
    Posted 2010/04/03 at 06:19 | Permalink

    Damn I loved the Disco Sirens part!

  10. manatee warrior
    Posted 2010/04/03 at 19:43 | Permalink

    What is the sound clip from at the beginning? It sounds like a movie. Great mixtape by the way. Lovin’ like usual.

    • manatee warrior
      Posted 2010/04/03 at 19:47 | Permalink

      Never-mind I found it, it’s from the 1961 movie , “Paris Blues.” It’s a “lesser known title” from Paul Newman

  11. Posted 2010/04/05 at 02:23 | Permalink

    Great mixtape 🙂

  12. R.
    Posted 2010/04/10 at 12:25 | Permalink

    Probably the best music for the tube ever. Absolutely love it, just wish the disco sirens bit was longer!! Cant find a mix that sounds like it either 😦

  13. JasperS
    Posted 2010/04/14 at 15:21 | Permalink

    Heya, is there a track list for these?

    • JasperS
      Posted 2010/04/14 at 15:22 | Permalink

      Ahhhhh nvm, apparently im blind haha

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