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Dubbity Dub Dub

Photography: ..ana

If you’ve been wondering why don’t I post more dubstep, I (relatively) rarely come by tracks from the genre. Anyway, have fun with these.

Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp – Brrrap! (Enigma Remix)

Tom Piper | Blaze Tripp | Buy

Esser – Headlock (Midnight Conspiracy Dubstep Remix)

Esser | Midnight Conspiracy

Your Infamous Harp – Be Fabulous!

P.S.: I know I’ve posted about Your Infamous Harp last week but their new album is out so I couldn’t resist.


  1. Elaio
    Posted 2010/04/23 at 19:07 | Permalink

    love love love it

  2. Posted 2010/04/23 at 19:18 | Permalink

    Not normally a dubstep fan, but this is good 😀

  3. Josh
    Posted 2010/04/23 at 20:42 | Permalink

    I enjoy a bit of The Step.

  4. SanfeY
    Posted 2010/04/23 at 20:47 | Permalink

    Dubstep is the shizz

  5. TOM
    Posted 2010/04/23 at 23:09 | Permalink

    i can recommend a few dubstep tunes for you to post 🙂

    jakes- warface (warface 2010 remix)

    and also

    mojo- the beginning

  6. Anonymous
    Posted 2010/04/24 at 01:20 | Permalink

    love the 3rd song, and random but is it just me or is this song dying for a remix?

  7. rice
    Posted 2010/04/24 at 06:29 | Permalink

    @TOM thanks dude those are cool too

  8. A Zero 7
    Posted 2010/04/24 at 11:01 | Permalink

    I’d love it if you could put up the last song for download as well.

    • Posted 2010/04/24 at 11:14 | Permalink

      Or you could just buy it for $1. Come on people, don’t be so cheap :<

      • Furb
        Posted 2010/04/25 at 12:49 | Permalink

        Bought it for $1, worth the money and its through paypal, all legit =]

      • A Zero 7
        Posted 2010/04/26 at 17:34 | Permalink

        I would not mind paying the measly dollar at all, but all the hassle to set up a PayPal account, having a credit card made, linking that with my PayPal just doesn’t seem worth it.

        • Posted 2010/04/26 at 17:47 | Permalink

          PayPal account is not required, only a credit card. I can’t help you with the latter, though.

  9. tang
    Posted 2010/04/28 at 09:29 | Permalink

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