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Sunday Chillin’ #10

Photography: Moriah Freed

Suggestions are welcome as usual (comments, mail, etc.), big up to Danne and Carlos for telling me about Philter and Nujabes.

Philter – Insomnia 2.0

Nujabes ft. Fat Jon – Aruarian Dance

The Postal Service – Natural Anthem

Philter | Nujabes | The Postal Service


  1. Posted 2010/04/25 at 12:36 | Permalink

  2. brazzalehh
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 12:37 | Permalink

    oh god yes, finally:D

    • BENJAM
      Posted 2010/04/25 at 12:42 | Permalink

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!!
      XD YAY!

  3. Sam....
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 13:04 | Permalink

    God im loving Aruarian Dance

    • Josh
      Posted 2010/04/25 at 13:31 | Permalink

      Same. What a find.

  4. JasonG
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 13:20 | Permalink

    RIP Seba Jun (Nujabes)
    Nice post, really calming music

  5. JasonG
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 13:29 | Permalink

    And I recommend checking out flying lotus, even tho u might know him.. he’s pretty popular. Also “toro y moi” and Specifics they have some real chill music too

  6. Elliot
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 13:34 | Permalink

    Lovely, and congratz on 10 of these.

  7. Posted 2010/04/25 at 13:59 | Permalink

    oh yes postal service, awesome choice.

  8. The only cool Tony
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 15:22 | Permalink

    sunday chilling =)

  9. Phil
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 16:17 | Permalink

    If you aren’t already familiar with the band,
    I’d recommend Iron and Wine.
    Specifically the song “Arms of a Thief”

  10. Posted 2010/04/25 at 16:23 | Permalink

    This is going to be a great Sunday!

  11. SoupRamen
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 17:41 | Permalink

    It’s too bad he had to go so soon. R.I.P Nujabes. Great choices though!

  12. Gustav
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 17:43 | Permalink

    Why is araurian dance (on my pc) only 26 seconds??

    • Posted 2010/04/25 at 18:06 | Permalink

      Try reloading the page and/or clearing your cache, then download it again.

      • Gustav
        Posted 2010/04/26 at 15:44 | Permalink

        ahh thanks m8 🙂

  13. Posted 2010/04/25 at 18:05 | Permalink


  14. keith
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 18:18 | Permalink

    where has the postal service been all my life

  15. SanfeY
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 21:15 | Permalink

    Loving Insomnia, nice find.

  16. Luke oX
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 21:43 | Permalink

    Hey Musigh! I got a recommendation for Sunday Chillin’ #11!

    Stacy’s Day Parade by The Abbasi Brothers

    Or which ever one up there you like better. All their music is up their for free too! =D

  17. Posted 2010/04/25 at 22:40 | Permalink

    Great post yet again, Musigh. I’m glad my suggestion made it up and that folks liked it.

  18. Cody
    Posted 2010/04/25 at 23:33 | Permalink

    Man if you guys enjoy Nujabes, and you feel like exploring some more Jazzy hip-hop instrumentals, check out Nomak, Blazo, Emancipator, Kondor,and even a lesser known dude by the name of Kuroisoul. RIP Nujabes, Your harmony lives on.

  19. josh;D
    Posted 2010/04/26 at 01:41 | Permalink

    Big ups to Cody man up thar^_^

  20. Anonymous
    Posted 2010/04/26 at 04:15 | Permalink

    Surprised you finally put Nujabes .__.

  21. robbyb
    Posted 2010/04/26 at 18:05 | Permalink

    awesome post! sunday chillin is usually the best i hear all week

  22. chris
    Posted 2010/04/27 at 00:50 | Permalink

    Yeah, its sad that jun seba, AKA nujabes. Past away i think feb.

  23. Brian R
    Posted 2010/04/27 at 02:15 | Permalink

    Just wanted to say how much i appreciate and love your site. I’ve found a lot of quality artists through you so keep it up man. As for the up-coming sunday chillin’ segment my suggestions would be an underground hip hop artist and producer by the name of Eligh. And specifically the album “Gandalfs Beat Machine Level 2” with songs like “riding water over time” “dirt bump” and “i am born” beig my favorites from the album. Also by Eligh the song “Phil” on the album “Enigma” is very very good. Thanks again man and keep doin what your doin. Peace–Brian R

  24. Chris
    Posted 2010/04/27 at 03:14 | Permalink

    i love the first song how do i dl it to my computer??

    • Luke
      Posted 2010/04/27 at 09:03 | Permalink

      right click, save link as 🙂

  25. Chris
    Posted 2010/04/27 at 03:18 | Permalink

    im sorry if people get mad at me im a noobie who needs help =[

  26. Anonymous
    Posted 2010/04/28 at 07:18 | Permalink

    rip nujabes

  27. Anonymous
    Posted 2010/04/28 at 14:49 | Permalink

    Nujabes ftw rip bro ❤

  28. Mathew Thomas
    Posted 2010/04/29 at 02:56 | Permalink

    Hey, I have an idea for your Sunday edition, well two if you don’t mind.

    First, I would like to suggest something that isn’t of your normal variety. Anything from sigur ros is calming as all get out but Takk… would be their best LP. They’re an Icelandic band with gorgeous slow progressive tones.

    Secondly, Cascade by Tycho is a tripy techno track with a calming steady beat (I fall asleep to it regularly).

  29. Troubled_Merc
    Posted 2010/05/02 at 22:23 | Permalink

    RIP Nujabes

  30. Tyress
    Posted 2010/05/10 at 03:48 | Permalink

    If You liked Aruarian Dance, there is an anime (japenese cartoon) called Samurai Champloo that has a lot of good songs like that one. If you dont want to watch the anime they do have a soundtrack CD for it. Its been out for a while though so it might be hard to find.

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