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I promised myself not to get too worked up over Rusko‘s debut album, but all I can say is “oh my God”. You can preview / buy (for a mere $10) the whole thing over at Mad Decent.

Rusko – Oy (feat. Crookers)


  1. Chance
    Posted 2010/05/06 at 15:04 | Permalink

    sick 😀

  2. Posted 2010/05/06 at 15:12 | Permalink

    i like!

  3. Posted 2010/05/06 at 16:43 | Permalink


  4. Posted 2010/05/06 at 18:48 | Permalink

    bit boring 😦

  5. chris.I
    Posted 2010/05/06 at 20:02 | Permalink

    people can be so pretentious! who gives a shit if everyone and their dog listens to rusko now, this is actually a proper tune

  6. Matt
    Posted 2010/05/06 at 20:06 | Permalink

    Not a fan, needs more flavour.

  7. Posted 2010/05/06 at 20:28 | Permalink

    Ehm, musigh.
    i have a request.
    Can you please upload a song with a nice beat? a clear beat. (i sure hope you do requests ;])

  8. Posted 2010/05/06 at 21:37 | Permalink

    I like it very much actually (:
    Well.. evryone has his own style of music I guess. (:

  9. Posted 2010/05/07 at 09:11 | Permalink

    I love Ruskos Style of Dubstep, Its fun and easy to listen to, and this one has got a sweeet beat. 🙂

  10. Posted 2010/05/07 at 13:28 | Permalink

    Rusko? *barfs uncontrollably*

    But i’ll admit, this is rather tame than some other stuff I’ve heard whilst out and about.

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