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Photography: Roy Bäckström

Most of you are probably already familiar with “Wonderwall” by Oasis. I didn’t think there was a way to make it even better, but apparently I was wrong. You can buy it in its full 320kbps glory at Uh Oh Disco sometime soon.

Oasis – Wonderwall (Questions Version)

Then there’s this I and I remix, so mellow it almost hurts. I officially love Questions now.

I and I – The Top (Questions Remix)


  1. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/05/29 at 14:15 | Permalink

    Wow wonderwall is my favourite song ever and I have a lot of respect for these two remixes!
    Great stuff 🙂

  2. jStat
    Posted 2010/05/29 at 15:08 | Permalink

    WOW at the wonderwall remix!

  3. Stian
    Posted 2010/05/29 at 16:37 | Permalink

    Got any “montage-music” on storage?

  4. Frank
    Posted 2010/05/29 at 19:00 | Permalink

    Awesome post musigh

  5. Elephant Beat
    Posted 2010/05/29 at 20:52 | Permalink

    A-Mazing!!! Wow I can’t beliebe they found a way to make wonderwall better.

  6. Phil
    Posted 2010/05/30 at 05:21 | Permalink

    Wonderwall just got wrecked 🙂
    In a good way, that is.

  7. Posted 2010/05/30 at 19:00 | Permalink

    Woah, didn’t expect that from an Oasis remix. Awwwesome! How do you find these tuunes? 🙂

  8. Dave
    Posted 2010/05/30 at 19:22 | Permalink

    not sure about the Wonderwall remix

  9. Elliot
    Posted 2010/06/01 at 03:29 | Permalink

    I made a vid with the wonderwall one, not advertising, remove if you want but here it is:

  10. Posted 2010/06/02 at 19:25 | Permalink

    Sick remix. and sick song 😀

  11. Chris
    Posted 2010/06/17 at 22:05 | Permalink

    I played that wonderwall remix at a party, and litteraly everybody loved it.

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