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Photography: Emir Ozsahin

How To Destroy Angels is a collaboration of Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, vocalist of West Indian Girl. Now I’m not really familiar with the said bands, but I do like where HTDA is going.

Their first EP is completely free of charge, all you need to do is sign up here (and optionally unsubscribe the newsletter afterwards) and you’ll recieve a download link right away. If you happen to be an audiophile, you may spend $2 in order to have the release in full WAV/FLAC and whatnot.

How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning


  1. Luke oX
    Posted 2010/06/02 at 14:00 | Permalink

    Ha I just found them yesterday.

  2. Luke oX
    Posted 2010/06/02 at 14:04 | Permalink

    How do you find good people like this Musigh?

  3. Furb
    Posted 2010/06/02 at 15:31 | Permalink

    Good stuff
    Also, you should totally put up another friday mix this week! šŸ˜€

  4. Posted 2010/06/02 at 15:40 | Permalink

    I love the layout of your website Musigh, i cruise many blogs, and i have to say, this layout is one of the best.

  5. Dave
    Posted 2010/06/02 at 16:38 | Permalink

    musigh how does one pronounce musigh?

  6. Aeryys
    Posted 2010/06/02 at 19:06 | Permalink

    Hey if you like this music, listen to GHOSTS I-IV by NIN. It’s really good.

  7. FAtal
    Posted 2010/06/02 at 20:55 | Permalink


  8. Posted 2010/06/02 at 22:43 | Permalink


  9. Posted 2010/06/02 at 23:49 | Permalink

    Feels like evanescence. Yes I know i just made the NIN evanescence comparison. But you know what its decent, Im digging 3:17 on. Good find.

  10. Not So Hands0me Joe
    Posted 2010/06/03 at 00:07 | Permalink

    I like it all but the part at 2:25 is kinda annoying .

  11. Jadd
    Posted 2010/06/03 at 01:39 | Permalink

    Musigh have you heard Bassnectar’s Basshead song? really good C:

  12. Paul
    Posted 2010/06/03 at 02:52 | Permalink

    Yea, good find. It does have a NiN sound to it.

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