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TYP Guest Mix

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a mix, so enjoy this relatively short one by The Young Punx, made for Annie Nightingale‘s show @ BBC Radio 1.

Vangelis – “Blade Runner Blues” (East West)
The Young Punx – “Club Culture” (MofoHifi)
The Young Punx – “You You You (Acapella)” (MofoHifi)
Per QX – “Go Bang! (Dub)” (MofoHifi)
Khia – “The K-Wang” (Acapella)” (Artemis)
The Young Punx – “Juice and Gin (Riva Starr Mix)” (MofoHifi)
Laidback Luke and Lee Mortimer – “Blau! (LA Riots Mix)” (Fools Gold)
The Young Punx – “Juice and Gin (Acapella)” (MofoHifi)
Fantastic Plastic Machine – “Madness” (MofoHifi)
The Young Punx – “Young and Beautiful (Acapella)” (MofoHifi)
Stupid Fresh – “Do The Dog” (Bass=Win)
Lars Moston – “So Sick (Max Cherry Mix)” (Wearhouse Music)
The Young Punx – “MASHitUP (Shir Khan Mix)” (MofoHifi)
Devlin – “Pure Imagination (The Young Punx Mix)” (Island)
Newham Generals – “Head Get Mangled” (Dirtee Stank)


  1. Steven
    Posted 2010/06/05 at 00:40 | Permalink

    Daaang Niiiice

  2. Posted 2010/06/05 at 01:04 | Permalink

    Maan this mix actually made my night, me and my mates are sitting in our dorm. room, drinkin’ and smokin’, and this mix just fits perfectly the night.Thanks for posting it

  3. Furb
    Posted 2010/06/05 at 05:18 | Permalink

    Great stuff, love the mixes!

  4. Strawitz
    Posted 2010/06/05 at 07:59 | Permalink

    the backgrounds off of blade runner….sick remix but vangelis is a fucking god

  5. Connor
    Posted 2010/06/05 at 09:00 | Permalink

    20 mins is not relatively short lol but who cares its great

  6. Olav
    Posted 2010/06/05 at 10:49 | Permalink

    epic .9 love the music !

  7. Keelan
    Posted 2010/06/05 at 23:45 | Permalink

    I feel violated it was so good 🙂

  8. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/06/06 at 03:05 | Permalink

    This is just so awesome 🙂

  9. Posted 2010/06/06 at 13:36 | Permalink

    lOVEn it bra get more of this mint shit up !

  10. Sumner
    Posted 2010/06/07 at 03:04 | Permalink

    Haha, why does it even give us a choice to download it for free or buy it? It’s an amazing mix though, keep up the good work!

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