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Why does great music like this elude me, I don’t know. Pogo blends vocal samples from movies with his own music into a wonderful piece, I just can’t get enough of it. Check out Alice’s clip too (even though it’s not as refined as the one above).

Pogo – Upular

Pogo – Alice


  1. Posted 2010/06/15 at 12:10 | Permalink

    Wow, that was awesome!

  2. Posted 2010/06/15 at 12:12 | Permalink

    Wow this guy is really talented! Cant think how much time went into this GREAT post Musigh!

  3. Posted 2010/06/15 at 12:51 | Permalink


  4. Phil
    Posted 2010/06/15 at 13:17 | Permalink

    His Terminator clip is my favorite 🙂

  5. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/06/15 at 14:42 | Permalink

    Haha omg thats awesome!

  6. Posted 2010/06/15 at 15:17 | Permalink

    Wait, the alice one i knew before, Thats awesome :D.

    Posted 2010/06/15 at 16:40 | Permalink

    haha listening to the first track i thourght, this reminds me of that alice in wonderland remix. and then i looked at the second track! ha this dudes sweet, wkd post man

  8. Chris
    Posted 2010/06/15 at 17:18 | Permalink

    this is so awesome! great great great post.

  9. Posted 2010/06/15 at 17:25 | Permalink

    Absolutley LOVED UP. Thought it was one of Pixars finest. Alongside a great song. That video just made my day (:

  10. Posted 2010/06/15 at 19:21 | Permalink

    When I saw the suggestion for upular on one of you other posts, I must have watched that video 10 times. It’s just so catchy!

  11. Jinearls
    Posted 2010/06/15 at 19:49 | Permalink

    Hey musigh not sure if you’re into 8bit, but I think you should have a listen to Until I sleep – Henry Homesweet, not a post recommendation, just a recommendation to you.

  12. Posted 2010/06/16 at 02:31 | Permalink

    Me likey this one 😛

  13. Smokey
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 04:05 | Permalink

    Bangarang by him is good too

  14. Bucko
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 05:28 | Permalink

    This song is forever stuck in my head, and I’m not complaining! Love it!

  15. Connor
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 08:08 | Permalink

    i really enjoyed those songs

  16. Ryan
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 12:34 | Permalink

    Been a fan of pogo for so long now, really glad you discovered him, you should check out lost and go out and lover someone

  17. Jack
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 13:03 | Permalink

    He has a new song out now, with all of the toy story noises.

    my favourite is still the upular remix 🙂

  18. willem
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 16:08 | Permalink

    I’m getting happy from this post, thanks

  19. Dave
    Posted 2010/06/16 at 19:01 | Permalink


  20. Connor
    Posted 2010/06/17 at 02:42 | Permalink

    i can’t get enouth of these

  21. Posted 2010/06/17 at 05:18 | Permalink

    lol how did I miss this post 😉
    these songs are awesome

  22. Posted 2010/06/17 at 15:57 | Permalink

    Btw he does not only sample the voices from the movies he also made the background music from music/sounds from the movie. ;D

  23. David
    Posted 2010/06/19 at 16:04 | Permalink

    Who reccomended this awesome tune =))
    Creds to him

  24. Posted 2010/06/21 at 04:12 | Permalink


  25. Troubled_Merc
    Posted 2010/07/08 at 18:06 | Permalink

    AMAZING…so nice and light with excitment

  26. Troubled_Merc
    Posted 2010/07/08 at 18:06 | Permalink


  27. Ash Bell
    Posted 2010/07/20 at 11:18 | Permalink

    LoL I love the Alice one… The “Marry Poppins” gets stuck in my head alot.

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