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Guns of Brixton

Nouvelle Vague is completely different from the usual electro I post, but one shouldn’t be afraid of widening his/her musical perspective. I picked “Guns of Brixton” from their self-titled album because it’s very powerful, even though it’s “just” a cover.

Nouvelle Vague – Guns of Brixton


  1. Jonny
    Posted 2010/06/25 at 13:37 | Permalink

    Personally I prefer santogold’s and the clash’s,with santogold coming out on top.

    This doesn’t really capture the reggae vibe and message that was in those two versions.Still an alright listen though.

  2. Posted 2010/06/25 at 14:10 | Permalink

    Not my kind of music but still pretty good 😉

  3. Mack
    Posted 2010/06/25 at 18:35 | Permalink

    Don’t understand the above comments; this was epic 🙂

  4. Posted 2010/06/25 at 20:45 | Permalink

    Haters gonna hate, great post!

  5. SomeGuy
    Posted 2010/06/25 at 21:33 | Permalink

    I live right next to Brixton, not as much crime now they’ve redevloped the area ;D

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