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Remember Noisia? Their Machine Gun EP is out, and so is a flash game called Noisia Infection. You’re up against space mofos and you have to shoot to the beat to kill them effectively. See its trailer above. Furthermore, if you both register and play, you can win tickets to their album launchparty plus a […]

I Think I Like It

All right, I’ve got bad news and good news about the site’s design. The bad news is, those who use Internet Explorer will not see the rounded corners at the top anymore, sorry about that. The good news however, that now you can “like” or “not like” every article I post. See those hearts at […]


Today’s my birthday.. well, I’m not too excited about it. Have some Nighty Max goodness however: Nighty Max – Iglou


Happy Birthday Joe! ūüėČ Cut Copy – Lights and Music (Boys Noize Happy¬†Birthday Remix) ¬†Cut Copy | Boys Noize

Let’s finish what we started

Welcome and enjoy your stay! This is my “self-titled” blog, where I’m going to¬†post (mostly) electronic music, in order to¬†promote artists/producers/DJs. If you like¬†a track featured here, support the artists by buying their music. Please note that I’m neither a producer nor a music expert¬†‚Äď I just share tracks that I like. If you’d like […]