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I admit songs with “robotic” vocals are not my favorite, but still, there are a few good ones that don’t annoy the hell out of me. Joe found one and made a snippet of it (see above), the second is from the SXSW showcase, the third is a “remix” of the popular video game Portal, […]

Video premiere: “Demon” by Joe

Some of you might remember Mouth’s Cradle, a two-man formation I featured a while ago. I am now proud to present Johannes Greve Muskat‘s (a.k.a. Joe’s) first full-length work, an official music video for their song “Demon”. A quick note about the video that Joe wanted me to share: “Tell them that it didn’t turn out quite […]


Midnight Juggernauts


Caribou – Odessa MySpace


Remember Noisia? Their Machine Gun EP is out, and so is a flash game called Noisia Infection. You’re up against space mofos and you have to shoot to the beat to kill them effectively. See its trailer above. Furthermore, if you both register and play, you can win tickets to their album launchparty plus a […]

I Mind Now

TV OFF – I Mind Now MySpace

Rad Anthem

I’m lovin’ it. Except for the part with Wendy. Rad Omen also made the track available to download for free.