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I admit songs with “robotic” vocals are not my favorite, but still, there are a few good ones that don’t annoy the hell out of me. Joe found one and made a snippet of it (see above), the second is from the SXSW showcase, the third is a “remix” of the popular video game Portal, and I actually uploaded the fourth to YouTube a long long time ago.

Robopop – Our House (Madness Cover)

AmpLive – Gary Is A Robot

Victims of Science – The Device Has Been Modified

Mr. SOS – Welcome To The Future (Chew Fu’s Bionic Remix)

Robopop | AmpLive | Victims of Science | Mr. SOS | Chew Fu

Out of Order

Photography: Matt Caplin

I’m back, but I’m a bit tired so I’ll just post this excellence without any walls of text. Enjoy.

V&Z – Out of Order

Valency | Zuology | Via

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

My new favorite indie-electro song, love that 8-bit touch ♥

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden

MySpace | Buy


Photography: Sophie

Now I’m not a big fan of pop music, and I’ve got mixed feelings for Robyn anyway (more on that below), but “Dancehall Queen” turns out to be a rather catchy song. Diplo helping her out is not a bad thing either.

About Cobrastyle, I came by Robyn’s version while checking out the original on YouTube (which is beyond awesome by the way). I loathed it with passion, and I almost commented on it about how she ruined the song into oblivion but then I just closed my browser and forgot about it. Months later (present day), while doing my homework on Robyn I discovered it once again, and it sounded good. So good actually that I had it on repeat for hours. I don’t know if my taste of music just have gotten worse, or more tolerant, but something’s definitely off.

Robyn – Dancehall Queen (Produced By Diplo)

Robyn – Cobrastyle

The Life Mechanism 2

Photography: Juan Pedro Salvo Seade

Is the name of Bil Bless’ new album, which was released through Bandcamp just recently. Paying for it is optional, but he sure deserves some extra bucks if you ask me 😉

Bil Bless – Exp 3

Sunday Chillin’ #20

Photography: Shelbie Dimond

Have a great Sunday.

I’ll be gone ’till Friday, posts are scheduled, if your comment doesn’t show up don’t worry, I will approve them once I get back.

Lovage – Lifeboat

9 Lazy 9 – The Flying Nun

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Lovage | 9 Lazy 9 | Nancy Sinatra


Photography: Rebecca Genet

I posted “In The Summer” from Crystal Fighters a while ago, now we’ve got a Tek One remix, quality stuff.

Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Tek One Remix)

Mashed Paper Klub

Mashed Paper Klub have their Deus Ex Machina EP released, but what really got my attention is the first track of their Live Version EP:

Verdi & Blockhe4d – Dies Cretin (Mashed Paper Klub Live Version)

Cansei de Ser Sexy

Photography: Natalie

I haven’t slept a minute, drank four coffee (here comes the fifth), I’m having two exams today and I’m probably going to fail both. On the upside, summer finally begins, so much fun to have indeed. Ah right, almost forgot to mention, CSS rules.

CSS – Superafim

CSS – Meeting Paris Hilton


Photography: J. Caldwell

Xx remixes pop up every now and then, especially for “Crystalised”; here’s a minimalistic approach by Dark Sky with a beat that you will be addicted to in no time, and an Andy Murphy remix featuring a guitar-electro bassline that’s just a bliss to listen to.

The xx – Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)

The xx – Crystalised (Andy Murphy Remix)