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Day ‘n’ Laugh

This rework of Crookers‘ Day ‘n’ Light by BeatauCue is hilarious. First the title made me laugh out loud, then when I heard the first drop I nearly fell of my chair. I can only imagine the confusion this would cause on a dancefloor.

Kid Cudi & Crookers – Day ‘n’ Night (BeatauCue When Bitches Want Mainstream Re-Work)

I think the samples used are the Looney Tunes outro, Mr. Vain from Culture Beat and Daddy Cool from Boney M, and there might be a few others.


  1. Posted 2010/03/08 at 23:46 | Permalink

    musigh i need to talk to u send me mail when u can talk

  2. Posted 2010/03/08 at 23:49 | Permalink

    jajajajaja I would get soo confused on the dance floor!

  3. Posted 2010/03/08 at 23:50 | Permalink

    how come some names are red and others black?

  4. iNNc
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 00:25 | Permalink

    Your brilliant, the taste you have in music is unbelievably close to mine. The only problem is I am in high school and NOBODY likes these amazing tunes, so I can’t relate or share the song I like. Anyway, thanks a bunch, I wouldn’t listen to most of the music I listen to now if it wasn’t for you.

    • RJ
      Posted 2010/03/09 at 02:00 | Permalink

      yo im in high school as well, got the same problem. but it makes me feel good that I have this SICK music in my arsenal

      yo musigh, your site is the highlight of my day, for sure. i love coming home every night and having 1-2 new posts of awesome stuff. great taste…keep it up!

      • manatee warrior
        Posted 2010/03/09 at 02:03 | Permalink

        Same feeling. This website is not the highlight of my day. It is my day!

      • chris
        Posted 2010/03/09 at 10:48 | Permalink

        “it makes me feel good that I have this SICK music in my arsenal”

        perfect description

      • CrowLeY
        Posted 2010/03/09 at 16:14 | Permalink

        Yeh me too but my friends think I’m amazing when they listen to the songs I bring in (off this website of course) 😀

    • iLOVEmusigh
      Posted 2010/03/10 at 05:32 | Permalink

      im in middle school and i feel lk im the only one who listens to this awesome music.
      i have all these songs on my ipod and wehn people ask what im listening to i let them hear it and they immediately think im some sort of neonazi headbanging fuckup. musigh, dude ur a huge inspiration to the entire world. thank you joehands0me

  5. RJ
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 02:02 | Permalink

    oh btw you spelled Beataucue wrong in your link, musigh!

    Posted 2010/03/09 at 06:36 | Permalink

    do i hear a bit of a kanye west piss take in the voice changer?

    anyway funny stuff, good track aswell haha

    when we seein some new(good) dubstep tracks?

  7. NovaFett
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 07:33 | Permalink

    lol. at the drop i can picture everyone like “hey man, what do we do? i’m not doing that dance.”

  8. Posted 2010/03/09 at 09:45 | Permalink

    I can imagine that on the dance floor.

  9. Chance
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 09:49 | Permalink

    your youtube account is closed? 😦 that was quick

    • Posted 2010/03/09 at 12:56 | Permalink

      Im more then certain that that youtube account, was false and homosexual.

  10. Josh
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 12:25 | Permalink


  11. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 16:12 | Permalink

    Makes me giggle 😀

  12. Luke
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 18:11 | Permalink

    that is awesome cake

  13. epic noob
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 23:56 | Permalink

    how do i download?

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