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Pretty Lights

Yesterday, I’ve spent an hour or so surfing the internet, which resulted in discovering Pretty Lights. I don’t mind if someone likes to use samples, and this guy’s definitely doing it right. Not to mention, all his albums are available to download for free (with the option to donate) at his website.

Pretty Lights – At Last I’m Free

Pretty Lights – More Important Than Michael Jordan


  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2010/03/08 at 12:06 | Permalink

    Very relaxing, Keep them coming!

  2. Chance
    Posted 2010/03/08 at 12:07 | Permalink

    Very relaxing, Keep them coming!

    Posted 2010/03/08 at 12:11 | Permalink

    more important than michael jordan is amazing, defo gonna get the album

  4. Lynx
    Posted 2010/03/08 at 13:04 | Permalink

    wow that was incredible keeps you relaxed 🙂

  5. Classic
    Posted 2010/03/08 at 16:19 | Permalink

    What could be more important than Michael Jordan?

  6. Dankspuds
    Posted 2010/03/08 at 18:54 | Permalink

    Ah i wondered when you’d throw up some pretty lights. all three of his albums are amazing. Check out “finally moving” on the “taking up your precious time” album. Insane.

    • Posted 2010/03/08 at 19:58 | Permalink

      I’m pretty lights sure it’s five albums (or four if you count Filling Up The Skies 1 & 2 as one) 😛

      • Dankspuds
        Posted 2010/03/10 at 00:19 | Permalink

        ! i only have 3… i have filling up the skies 1 and 2, Passing By Behind Your Eyes and taking up your precious time… snap he came out with an ep a week ago. i guess im out of the loop. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. Posted 2010/03/08 at 22:32 | Permalink

    hey great songs here, but why can’t I download stuff anymore?
    O, and if you wanna play modern warfare 2 dodgeball with me than please add me on
    psn : herowike

  8. RJ
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 01:07 | Permalink

    this stuff is the bomb! def goin on my chill out playlist

  9. Professor Donk
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 05:03 | Permalink

    Really amazing stuff right here. Gonna go download all his free albums now.

    • CrowLeY
      Posted 2010/03/09 at 16:26 | Permalink

      Check out his free wallpapers too, they are awesome 😀

  10. CrowLeY
    Posted 2010/03/09 at 16:22 | Permalink

    I could just listen to these tunes all f***ing day 🙂

  11. MA6IC
    Posted 2010/03/11 at 06:21 | Permalink

    You are the only artist on my mp3 player and I can find a song to fit my mood everytime.
    Making up a changing mind is excellent.
    keep up the great work!

  12. Posted 2010/03/19 at 14:23 | Permalink

    It’s so nice to get new awesome music in my inbox everyday 🙂 Thanks for doing what you’re doing musigh!

  13. RyanW
    Posted 2010/03/31 at 03:06 | Permalink

    When I have to come back to a song after you’ve already posted a good 20+ amazing songs after it. I know its amazing. I’m still in love with More Important than Michael Jordan.

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